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Battery Box for Mini DMR Hotspot

Battery Box for Mini DMR Hotspot

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Ever want to take your Mini DMR Hotspot device mobile?  Ever wonder why most battery banks wont allow pass-through charging for the battery bank while it powers your external devices such as your AllStar or DMR hotspot?  HamBatteries AllStar Hotspot battery boxes is the answer.

We decided to design and build a series of battery boxes which focus on providing battery power for DMR and AllStar hotspots.  Our devices also allow charging the internal batteries while also providing power to your hotspot device without interruption.  You can connect a charger to the battery box at anytime to charge it and it will not cause the hotspot to reboot.


  • Fitment for Mini DMR style hotspot device
  • Can provide 6-20 hours of runtime (duration depends on radio activity)
  • Allows disconnecting and reconnecting power source for charging without creating power interruption to hotspot device
  • Has an on/off switch to allow turning device off while running off of battery power
  • Uses a USB C style cable for charging
  • 3 amp output via regular USB style port
  • Comes in many different colors.

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